The Caño Island Biological Reserve is located 22 miles away from Osa Peninsula, northwest from Corcovado National Park. It was used by pre-columbians as a cemetery and sacred place.

The Island is 110 above sea level. The volcanic rock formations provide the foundation for coral colonies, consisting of five platforms for coral reefs that are ideal for diving and snorkeling. You will be able to watch small mollusks, crustaceans and an endless incredible fish such as angel fish, clown fish, parrot fish, eels, shoals, sharks, stingrays and turtles.

The surface of the Island has crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, some of which disappear during high tide. Occasionally you can swim with dolphins and turtles in this paradise.

Duration: all day. From 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Includes: aquatic transportation, snorkeling tour or two diving times at Caño Island, entrance to the biological station, snorkeling or diving equipment, bilingual tourist guide, lunch and drinks, fruits and tour through the mangroves.

Recommendations: wear swimming suite, sun block lotion, insect repellent, drinking water, towel, special medicines (if required).


Finca seis holds the unique pre-columbian museum in Costa Rica, declared as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

In this place you will appreciate the spheres in their original alignment. It shows the way of life of the pre-columbian societies that lived in the area known as the Diquis delta (cacical societies that had their moment of glory in the period between 800 and 1500 BC).

Despite its aesthetic beauty, the areas are much more than sculptural objects. The tour shows the visitor what archaeological investigations have been able to decipher so far on our pre-columbian ancestors in that region.

The museum exhibits four original parts: a sphere, a statue of dowel base, a sculpture of a feline and a ceremonial grinding stone (metate).

Duration: from 2 to 3 hours

Includes: transportation, entrance to the museum, bilingual tourist guide, fruits and beverages

Recommendations: bring insects repellent, drinking water and sun block lotion.


Blue and crystal clear waters are perfect for sport fishing lovers. Few miles away from the Osa coast you will find species for human consumption and others that you will need to set free, like Sailfish, Mackarel, Dolphin Fish, Mahi Mahi, Blue, Black and Stripe Marlin, Wahoos, Snapper fish, Roosterfish, tuna fish, snook fish.

The fishing tour is private and is customized to the client's preferences. For this reason, we have a specially equipped fishing boat to ensure a safe and comfortable tour, with a marine band communication radio and GPS.

You can choose between a half day tour, full day tour or the specialized fishing tour.

The adventure is carried out responsibly, within and outside the coast, always abide by the requirements established by Inco-pesca and the regulations of law.

Duration: as per your choice.

Includes: boat, beverages, fruits, lunch, equipment and bait. If you wish to bring your own equipment, you can do it.

Recommendations: wear comfortable clothes, insects repellent, drinking water and sun block lotion.


The warm water found at Osa Peninsula’s beaches and sea, are suitable for whales to come during the mating season and give birth to their babies.

Humpback whales come from the south of the continent, and you will see them along with different species of dolphins.

From January to March, the whales come from North America. Besides the dolphins and Humpback whales, you will also see the Orca (Killer whale).

Duration: all day long. From 8:00am to 4:30pm

Includes: Water transportation, whale watching tour, snorkeling tour in Caño Island and entrance to the biological station, snorkeling equipment, bilingual tourist guide, lunch and beverages, fruit and tour through the mangroves.

Recommendations: wear swimming suites, sun block lotion, insects repellent, drinking water, towels, special medication (if required).


The Térraba-Sierpe mangrove is one of the largest wetlands in Central America and the largest wetland of Costa Rica. It has 32,000 hectares and is highly diverse in terms of biodiversity, because it has six families of mangle.

While you know the mangrove ecosystem, its importance and benefits, in this journey, we will be able to observe some 40 different types of birds, mangrove boa snakes, cat's eyes and corals, titi monkeys or white face monkeys, caimans, crocodiles, and Jesus Christ lizards, among other species.

This mangrove is one of the largest sites of archaeological interest of the country, inhabited by indigenous people 300 years BC. This is also where the stone carved spheres are found, declared by the UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

Duration: 3 hours or more

Includes: bilingual tourist guide, beverages and fruits. You can choose between boat or Kayak.

Recommendations: bring insects repellent, drinking water and sun block lotion.


National Geographic named it the most intense place in the world, biologically speaking, and it is estimated that no place in the world (that possesses a similar extension) has greater biological diversity.

The Corcovado National Park is a paradisiacal site larger than 52.000 hectares, which has primary and secondary forest, beaches and spring waterfalls in tropical climate.

In this park you will be able to observe more than one hundred different types of birds and other animals within their own habitat, as three-toed and two finger Sloths, coatis, tapirs, anteaters, dart frogs (Poisonous and Talamanca), white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, and a species in danger of extinction: the howler monkey.

You can choose the tour to the Park Ranger Station San Pedrillo or the tour to the Park Ranger Station Siren. The journey includes whales and dolphins search (if it is seasonal).

Duration: all day long. From 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Includes: water transportation, whales searching and entrances to the park ranger stations, bilingual tourist guide, lunch and beverages, fruit and trails tour.

Recommendations: sun block lotion, insects repellent, rain poncho, rubber boots, shorts or long pants, cap or hat, swimming suits, drinking water, special medications (if required).


  1. The captain is the authority on the boat.
  2. The tourist guide is the authority of the tour.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the crew.
  4. Maintain order.
  5. Do not stand while the boat is in motion or without authorization.
  6. Use the safety vest during the boat tour.
  7. You are responsible for the equipment assigned to you.
  8. Keep your personal and electronic devices in plastic bags.
  9. Report any discomfort or emergency go to the crew.
  10. Report any physical problem or pregnancy prior to departure.
  11. Report any lost personal belongings.
  12. Report any complaint or suggestion with management.

(*) Our boats are adapted with the 7600 law for greater enjoyment of the general public.